Your Appointment Is Booked​


Please arrive early so you can setup and / or prepare for your clients. ​This location where you and your clients will come to is below.


Make sure they know the exact address, your time starts at the exact time that you booked. We will not refund money or modify time if you're late. If your client is late, you should charge them accordingly. We recommend charging every client a deposit so you can at least get something out of the deal if they don't show up.


If they don't show up we will keep $50.00 and refund you the rest. If you only have $50.00 we will keep $25.00 and refund you the rest.

Erving's Photography Studio

9415 S. Western Ave., Ste 102

Chicago, IL 60643

Tel: 773-245-7189

We'll see you here!